Accessing object storage with AWS CLI

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This page contains instructions on how to set up and access Arbutus object storage with the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), one of the object storage clients available for this storage type.

Compared to other object storage clients, AWS CLI has better support for large (>5GB) files and the helpful sync command. However, not all features have not been tested.

Installing AWS CLI

pip install awscli awscli-plugin-endpoint

Configuring AWS CLI

Generate an access key ID and secret key

openstack ec2 credentials create

Edit or create ~/.aws/credentials and add the credentials generated above

aws_access_key_id = <access_key>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret_key>

Edit ~/.aws/config and add the following configuration

endpoint = awscli_plugin_endpoint

[profile default]
s3 =
  endpoint_url =
  signature_version = s3v4
s3api =
  endpoint_url =


export AWS_PROFILE=default
aws s3 ls <container-name>
aws s3 sync local_directory s3://container-name/prefix

More examples of using the AWS CLI can be found on this external site.