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This site replaces the former Compute Canada documentation site, and is now being managed by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.

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Altair FEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, aerospace and defense industries.


We are a hosting provider for FEKO. This means that we have FEKO software installed on our clusters, but we do not provide a generic license accessible to everyone. However, you may already have a license server for your research group.

Configuring your own license file

Our module for FEKO is designed to look for license information in a few places. One of those places is your home folder. If you have your own license server, you can write the information to access it in the following format:

File : feko.lic

setenv("ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH", "<port>@<hostname>")

and put this file in the folder $HOME/.licenses/. Note that firewall configuration will need to be done on both our side and yours. Please get in touch with our Technical support to arrange this.