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To include source code within the wiki, we are using the extension SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi. You can easily include a code snippet using the tag <syntaxhighlight> </syntaxhighlight>.

Options of the <syntaxhighlight> tag

For a complete list of options, please refer to this page.

lang option

The lang option defines the language used for syntax highlighting. The default language, if this option is omitted, is C++. The complete list of supported languages is available here.

line option

The line option displays line numbers.


Here is an example of a C++ code snippet created with the <syntaxhighlight lang="cpp" line> ... </syntaxhighlight> tag.

 1#include <iostream>
 2#include <fstream>
 3#include <unistd.h>
 4#include <sstream>
 5using namespace std;
 7void flushIfBig(ofstream & out, ostringstream & oss, int size, bool force=false) {
 8	if (oss.tellp() >= size) {
 9		out << oss.str();
10		oss.str(""); //reset buffer
11	}
13int main() {
14	int buff_size = 50*1024*1024;
16ofstream out ("file.dat");
17	ostringstream oss (ostringstream::app);
18	oss.precision(5);
19	for (int i=0; i<100*buff_size; i++)
20	{
21		oss << i << endl;
22		flushIfBig(out,oss,buff_size);
23	}
24	flushIfBig(out,oss,buff_size,true);
25	out.close();