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This site replaces the former Compute Canada documentation site, and is now being managed by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.

Ce site remplace l'ancien site de documentation de Calcul Canada et est maintenant géré par l'Alliance de recherche numérique du Canada.

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Research Data Management is a crucial aspect of the data lifecycle and ensures that data is discoverable, accessible and reusable during and following the completion of a project. In Canada The Portage Network is tasked with:

  • Developing a national research data culture
  • Fostering a community of practice for research data
  • Building national research data services and infrastructure

to better support academic researchers and institutions in building capacities and managing their data assets. They were launched by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries in 2015. To learn more or receive support with your research data management task contact Portage directly, or speak to your local Compute Canada regional partner and they will get you connected. Below is a list of commonly helpful resources for research data management.

Resources for Research Data Management

Best Practices

Data Curation

Data Licensing

Data Management Planning (DMP)


Persistent Digital Identifiers

  • For Researchers:ORCID
  • For data:DOI
  • For metadata and other situations where a DOI is innapropriate:UUID
  • For physical samples:IGSN

Policy Requirements


Sensitive Data