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We need the following examples in the section about quotas:
How to check quota on Cedar and Graham:

$ lfs quota ~
$ lfs quota ~/project
$ lfs quota ~/scratch

In fact the first command won't work on Graham because $HOME isn't Lustre on that system (it uses NFS I believe). What we do have is the command (a script created by Maxime) called diskusage_report, which I'll mention in the document.

  • how do the storage types (e.g. Network Filesystem (NFS), Long-Term Parallel Filesystem, etc.) map to the storage locations we have (e.g. home, project, scratch etc.)?
  • which storage locations are Lustre and thus which apply to the "tuning lustre page"

Chris Geroux (talk) 16:44, 5 September 2017 (UTC)