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Filesystem Characteristics
Filesystem Default Quota Lustre-based? Backed up? Purged? Available by Default? Mounted on Compute Nodes?
Home Space 50 GB and 500K files per user[1] Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Scratch Space 20 TB and 1M files per user Yes No Files older than 60 days are purged.[2] Yes Yes
Project Space 1 TB and 500k files per group[3] Yes Yes No Yes Yes
  1. This quota is fixed and cannot be changed.
  2. See Scratch purging policy for more information.
  3. Project space can be increased to 10 TB per group by a RAS request. The group's sponsoring PI should write to technical support to make the request.

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location quota block size expiration time backed up on login nodes on compute nodes
$HOME 100 GB per user 1 MB yes yes read-only
$SCRATCH 25 TB per user (dynamic per group) 16 MB 2 months no yes yes
up to 4 users per group 50TB
up to 11 users per group 125TB
up to 28 users per group 250TB
up to 60 users per group 400TB
above 60 users per group 500TB
$PROJECT by group allocation (RRG or RPP) 16 MB yes yes yes
$ARCHIVE by group allocation dual-copy no no
$BBUFFER 10 TB per user 1 MB very short no yes yes