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Ask support

  • Before writing to us, consider checking first on the system status page and the Known issues page to see if the problem you're experiencing has already been reported. If you can't find the information you need on our wiki, send an email to the address below that best matches your need.
  • Please ensure that the email address from which you are writing is registered in your account. This way, our ticketing system will be able to recognize you automatically.
  • A well written question (or a problem description) will likely result in a faster and more accurate assistance from our staff (see a support request example below).
  • An email titled "Something is wrong" or "Nothing works" will take a long time to resolve, because we will have to ask you to provide missing information (see Information required below).
  • In the subject line of the email, include the system/cluster name and a few words of what may be wrong. For example, "Job 123456 fails to run on the Cedar cluster". A good subject line really helps to identify issues at a glance.
  • Please do not request help on a different topic as a follow-up to an old email thread. Instead, start a brand new one to avoid re-opening an old ticket.