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This site replaces the former Compute Canada documentation site, and is now being managed by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.

Ce site remplace l'ancien site de documentation de Calcul Canada et est maintenant géré par l'Alliance de recherche numérique du Canada.

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See Available software for a list of bioinformatics applications on our systems. You can sort on Type, where bioinformatics software is categorized as bio.

Some bioinformatics software is available as Python packages, which do not appear on the above list. See Available Python wheels for a list of Python wheels customized for our clusters.


Some genome databases are available on our clusters, in /cvmfs/ref.mugqic/genomes. Examine that directory and its subdirectories, e.g. with

[name@server ~]$ ls /cvmfs/ref.mugqic/genomes


[name@server ~]$ ls /cvmfs/ref.mugqic/genomes/species

Container repository

The Bioinformatics National Team maintains a repository of Apptainer (formerly Singularity) containers which provide common workflows and those workflows requiring preservation. Learn more at Biorepo Containers.