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EasyBuild is a tool for building, installing, and maintaining software on high-performance computing systems. We use it to build almost everything in Compute Canada's software repository, CVMFS.

EasyBuild and modules[edit]

EBROOT environment variables[edit]


Using EasyBuild in your own account[edit]

You can use EasyBuild to install software in your own home or project directory space. You might do this if, for example, you want to customize a piece of 3rd-party software, or if you want to build a new version of something instead of waiting for staff add it to CVMFS.

Finding a recipe[edit]

An "easyconfig file" is a text file containing the information EasyBuild needs to build a particular piece of software in a particular environment. At Compute Canada we refer to these as "recipes". Writing a recipe from scratch will not be discussed here; you can find more about this in the EasyBuild documentation. Modifying a recipe for your particular situation is easier, and it is easier still to find a suitable recipe and use it unmodified.


Choosing a toolchain[edit]


Additional resources[edit]